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Conroy served on the Gate House Board consecutively since August 1, 1979.

You saved me a lot of money, and possibly saved me from a house fire. You always arrive when you say, and when you leave my house looks wonderful.

When he first began serving, he single-handedly maintained the buildings.

Ken Falk, Treasurer of the Gate House Board of Directors, noted, “Pat was not afraid to get his hands dirty,” particularly in his role maintaining the buildings.

And unfortunately Kell's tumble left her a little worse for wear.

Thankfully, she got a helping hand from some accommodating men in uniform."Thank you thank you New Jersey PD for taking just good care of me," Kelly gushed, including an Instagram shot of her smiling through the pain while posing with a pair of crutches, her mom and two officers. " Kelly tweeted shortly after, including a picture of her swollen foot that surely won't make wearing heels easy…though we're sure the always-fashionable Kelly will find a way!

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