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Oser was also instrumental in forcing the shift in both industry and public attitudes that hiring a pest control service was not something to be ashamed of, but rather something that was a valuable service that protected the health and welfare of people and property.The 1950s also brought a new advertising medium—television.In 1945, the company had record gross sales of .098 million (equivalent to ,518,839 in 2017) and maintained 82 branches in 14 states.Following the war, the pest control industry’s introduction of new, more powerful chemicals for extermination led Orkin to hire academics and experts in the field of public health, entomology, chemistry, and sanitation.The youngest Orkin son, William, was determined that the company not have any executives outside the Orkin family, and by the mid 1950s, Otto himself had become relegated to figurehead status within the company by his sons and sons-in-law.

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Orkin began expanding his business outside his hometown by taking advantage of its proximity to the Lehigh Railway, which ran from New York City to Buffalo.

These changes spurred further state-by-state growth, moving outward from the core of southern states the company was already in.

The United States' entry into World War II in 1941 posed challenges to Orkin in the form of shortages of personnel, chemicals and supplies.

Prior to this, each branch operated mostly autonomously, adhering to most of the same standards and systems, but this independence caused some confusion among consumers, many of whom believed each Orkin branch was an independently owned franchise.

This consolidation helped every Orkin branch be recognized as part of a single company and centralized all national billing through the Atlanta office.

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