Adult dating spam friends folder

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I need all the help that I can get because this is too much to take care of daily.I do delete my history daily, but I don’t think that helps in blocking them.On the surface email blocking or banning seems like the perfect solution, but if you look deeper spammers can work around it almost instantly. And those are 300 email addresses than the 300 spams you got yesterday, and the day before and the day before that. They can fake spam to look like it comes from your friends and acquaintances, for example.Blocking simply tells your email provider or email program “whenever you get email from this email address, discard it immediately”. If you ban one of those then that friend or acquaintance can no longer send you email. (And for the record, deleting history does nothing with respect to spam.) What work are good spam filters.

If I open it up to get their email address to try to block them, what happens then?

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