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'It is equally alarming that people ENVY this degree... Certainly, they shouldn't want to be like this,' exclaimed the follower, in response to several fans' bouts of jealousy over the star's skinny legs.She wrote about the problem of women being hyper-judgmental of each others appearances through media in general, where Ms Judd stated that a woman's appearance is now valued above mental and physical health.The Taliban denounced the article as false and claimed The Daily Beast violated the basic principles of journalism.On August 11, 2016, The Daily Beast published an article titled "I Got Three Grindr Dates in an Hour in the Olympic Village", written by Nico Hines, the site's London editor, who was assigned to cover the Olympic Games.Salon's Ben Norton contacted the people mentioned in the article, all of whom except for one stated they did not support Trump.

A 2013 article about the Taliban seeking peaceful negotiations in Afghanistan promoted a direct response from the organization.By September 2014 the website reached a new record of 21 million unique visitors; it was a 60% year-over-year increase in readers, accompanied by a 300% increase in the overall size of its social media community.In a 2017 interview George Clooney complimented the organization’s development stating, “I really do love what you guys are doing over there, you’ve stepped up the game considerably from when it started, and it’s fun to watch.” In 2016 The Los Angeles Press Club nominated several of The Beast’s writers including M. Nestel for Arts/Entertainment Investigative, Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins for best Celebrity Investigative, Malcolm Jones for best Obituary, Lizzie Crocker for Humor and Tim Teeman for Industry/Arts Hard News.The Daily Beast began publishing on October 6, 2008.The Beast's founding editor was Tina Brown, a former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker as well as the short-lived Talk magazine. In April 2017 Avlon discussed the organization's approach on The Poynter Institute's podcast saying, "Our commitment is to be nonpartisan but not neutral... We're not going to toe any partisan line."s bipartisan approach to its political reporting.

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