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The Ault connections were severed some 10 gen- erations later when a Johannes Ault of Amsterdam came to British Colonial America in 1753. I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge that the Ault Genealogy could not have been written without help from and access to the following, listed in alphabetical order. Her information, including an Alt family genealogy, made it possi- ble to separate the Ault and the Alt family lines and to save many hours of research time.

The Genealogy then delves into the "Ault Family in North America," beginning with our Emigrant Ancestor Johannes Ault, and continuing through nine generations of Aults. The late Charles Albert Ault of Glendale, Ohio kindly brought his mother's typescript to Washington in June 1975. Charles Sidney Ault of Rexdale and Ingleside in Ontario had a legendary memory and a wealth of information that she shared with contagious enthusiasm. Her assistance is acknowledged with great appreciation.

What might be termed historical information was obtained from Family Bible records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, News Items and Obituaries. Y., my correspondent informed me that some Ault families, probably of Italian descent, were living in the Mohawk river valley.

Other sources were Church and Ceme- tery records, gravestone inscriptions and epitaphs. In her reply to my inquiry, the daughter of one resident replied as follows: —"Unfortunately we are not connected with the Aults in your family. My father's parents came from Italy without papers showing their name.

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It would serve no useful purpose, and for the present it would seem logical to accept the evidence that both the Ault name and this Ault family had their origin in France.In this process you will find that Johannes Ault and five of his sons — Nicholas, Conrad, John, Michael and Everhart — became Loyalists during the American Revolution. My copy of this has been an invaluable source of information. The Aultsville Aults were of great interest to her. William Upshur Ault and his mother Esther Upshur Ault Meacham kindly sent information and charts that enabled me to finish the Charles Alexander Ault line. Clyde Allan of Winnipeg sent in some fine family records that added to the Michael Ault line.The Ault Genealogy is devoted to them and to their descendants. Our correspondence began in 1974 and ended when she died, at the age of 99, in July 1978. Ault, have my sincere thanks for sending considerable information on the Aults of Dundas Co. The material from the Bibles has been of substantial value. of Ottawa has my thanks for adding considerable vital information to the genealogy by ob- taining material on Upper Canada Land Grants and Petitions. Typescript of 1950 has been an invaluable source of information. I titled "The Ault Family in Picardy" that she abstracted from the Ault Papers, has provided most of the information for the present chapter on "The Aults in Europe." The genealogical information she collected for Vol. Ault II for provid- ing access to her important work. Stanley Colborne Ault of Spokane kindly sent copies of gene- alogical material that his grandmother, Mrs. Significant contributions to this genealogy were made by many relatives and friends of the Aults. Kenneth Annable of Ottawa supplied information that clari- fied the Annable — Ault relationship. Ray Brown, an avid genealogist of Williamsburg, contrik uted information on several Ault lines and her reports on grave- stone inscriptions were especially helpful. James Buels, my aunt Eva Ault, made numerous sugges- tions as to where I might locate valuable information.Some unavoidable errors may be encountered, but most of the informa- tion will be found to be reasonably correct. The French name Ault has no known connection with the German word alt, meaning old, or with the Scottish word alt meaning rill or tiny ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The task of searching, researching, compiling and writing The Ault Genealogy has been a pleasant endeavor. When two of the Aults left France in 1670, they took their name with them and they kept it intact when they lived in Germany and in the Netherlands.

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