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Nowhere else can you so simply jump in a car and travel back to the dawn of time.In this episode, the beginning of it all: from a cosmic maelstrom a planet is born.

Another competitor, this one the size of Mars, crossed Earth's path.The best way to understand the story of Australia is to get out into it, feel the sun beating down on its ancient bones.And I do mean "ancient." To get a true appreciation of how old Australia really is, you need to get a sense of Deep Time.Finally, after over three days travelling at 60-million years an hour, I've driven back four-and-a-half-billion years. We have arrived in the darkness at the edge of time.When the first rays of the newborn sun shone out into space, they illuminated a scene of untold cosmic violence.

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    However, experimental evidence indicates that C14 decay is slowing down and that millennia ago it decayed much faster than is observed today.

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