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You’ll need a recent i Pad for this one: Split View, which allows you to run two apps side by side or two sites in Safari, only works on the i Pad Air 2, the i Pad Mini 4 and newer devices.To use it, drag as if you were using Slide Over and then drag the app divider to the middle of the screen.We love our i Pads, and from time to time we’ll discover a new thing that makes us love them even more.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide, covering everything from simple tweaks to really clever computing. Let go and the two apps will now appear in a folder.Tap it and the video scales down, tap it again and the video returns to normal size.Printing wirelessly is easy if you’ve got an Air Print printer: assuming your printer and i Pad are both on the same Wi-Fi network it’s just a matter of tapping the Share menu in your app and choosing Print. Some apps like to do things in the background, which can be useful: it’s handy to have your newspaper ready to read when you turn on your i Pad in the morning for example.In Settings Touch ID & Passcode you can get your i Pad to erase everything if there are 10 consecutive failures to enter the correct passcode.If you touch the on-screen keyboard with two fingers in an app such as Mail, it becomes a trackpad: as your fingers move so does the cursor. It’s easy to let notifications get out of control: it seems that every app wants to notify you about everything it notices.

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