Carbon dating pottery

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These reports make no reference to any other types of evidence from the culture that would contradict the evolutionary paradigm.

It is not that alternative ideas are weighed and eliminated on the basis of evidence; they are treated as if they did not exist.

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Others include Xianrendong and Diaotonghuan in Jiangxi Province and Miaoyan in Guangxi Province.

The early settlement of China began after the dispersion from the Tower of Babel (c 2,200 ), when the first immigrants migrated eastward across Asia from the Middle East.

The early Chinese settlers, like all other people on Earth, were descended from Noah and his family, who survived the global Flood that destroyed the earth (c 2,300 describe how the people who lived in these caves in China were the predecessors of the people who lived in the “Neolithic” villages on the alluvial plain of the Yangzi River, supposedly 10,000 years ago.

Someone will have to give in on the issue of dating, but who?

The published dates give the impression of being precise and absolute but in reality they are subjective and flexible.

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