Chlorine 36 dating and the blue stones of stonehenge

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The crust is displaced latitudinally over an angled of 38 degrees.Ancient structures show us the way to something that geologists aren’t even aware of. The growing size of the “red dot” is due to the deformation of the crust because of the massive displacements.

Because this would result in errors too big to measure the solstices accurately.If Stonehenge was built some 5,000 years ago, the tilt angle of the Earth was at a slightly higher angle (24.0°) than today, which resulted in another solstice angle, by which the ‘experts’ believed it would close the gap. If Stonehenge would appear to be a few thousand years older than it is estimated today, the error would grow so large that the solstice angle of the monument would be more than 1° off.One degree off would mean an error of about three weeks.It’s a fact that a circular array of many stones, when the Sun shines through them, will always produce many effects, which can be easily mistaken for the “truth”.People are much easier mislead by their own preoccupation than they’re lead to the Truth.

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