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It became a point of contention not just between Bekah and Arie, who were the two people actually in the relationship, but also between Bekah and her fellow contestants.

Bekah has made it clear on her social media how frustrating the focus on her age has been.

But it’s that pass, the smarter pass, the pass that gets the Clippers an extra point despite the crowd’s pleas, that pushes Paul into a different class.

There’s a thin line between being an asshole and being a competitor.

But is the plan actually to take over the big screen together? Us four—Le Bron, Melo, D, and me—we talk about everything. " If we play against each other, we want to beat each other—probably worse than anybody else.

A., and the media was, at one point, freaking out about you, him, Melo, and Dwyane playing together. I think a lot of times people see our friendship and go, "Oh, how are they like that?

Le Bron’s opened up a production company here in L. My kids don’t look at me as Chris Paul, this NBA player.

I want to see what plays teams run down the stretch. Think about how much I miss with my kids already now. At the end of the day, it’s like, what is most important to you? " He’s like, “’Cause you're famous."He just said it really calm and cool like that? I don’t know if he’s like, "Well, I know Le Bron and…" [laughs] It’s different, and there’s something I never had to go through. I feel like that whole love thing and stuff like that gets overrated, because you can be a loser and people can love you. We all understand the importance of relationships, the importance of family, and we’re all very ambitious. She particularly took issue with how Tia questioned her readiness for marriage.over, the question of marriage isn't as much of a hot topic when it comes to Bekah.

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