Conflict handling style accomodating and compromising

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People who overuse the competing style often use inflammatory statements due to a lack of interpersonal skills training.

When overuse is taken to an extreme the person will create errors in the implementation of the task by withholding needed information, talking behind another person’s back (or “back-stabbing”), using eye motions and gestures designed to express disapproval, and creating distractions by fiddling or interrupting.

Overuse of the compromising style leads to loss of long-term goals, a lack of trust, creation of a cynical environment, and being viewed as having no firm values.

Other extreme avoidance behaviors include becoming passive aggressive by being late and not paying attention at meetings.

It also lends a greater importance to this style as compared to the other styles because you have devoted such a disproportionate amount of time to the style.) Under use of the avoidance style results in hostility and hurt feelings.

In addition, work can become overwhelming because too many issues are taken on at once, resulting in an inability to prioritize and delegate.

A milder form of avoidance behavior is when the team member procrastinates about getting work done and deliberately takes an opposing point of view inappropriately during a decision-making situation, or is timid, withdrawn, or shy.

Extreme behaviors can occur when avoidance is overused.

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