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However, the people of Honduras (hondurenos) in the in the country side tends to lower their heads as sign of respect.Good Topics of conversation are the family, the landscape, the food, the weather, and football clubs. Good discussion topics include: Football (soccer): Hondurans are dedicated to the sport and their national team.Generally, when meeting someone shake hands, and say the phrase ‘mucho gusto’ which means nice to meet you.In the cities, people hold eye contact with no problem.

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Verbal Hondurans are generally friendly, helpful people who like to meet and talk to foreigners to provide directions and other casual conversation.

Cold fronts, heat waves, drought or the arrival or delay of the rainy season permeate daily conversations. Traffic: Traffic in major cities has become a headache for many.

Talking about traffic is often an ice-breaker since everyone, regardless of class, gender or religion, suffers through the traffic.

At times, they stand close during conversation, often leaning in to emphasize a point, which can be uncomfortable for Canadians.

When it comes to asking for directions, always ask multiple people as Hondurans make an effort to be kind and helpful but will sometimes provide misguided directions.

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