Dating not violence

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They were more likely to strangle -- some pretty awful behaviors toward a partner.

They were also more likely to use a knife, a bat or another kind of weapon.

We were not expecting to find this." For this research, Sorenson and 2017 graduate Devan Spear aimed to move beyond general victimization surveys to learn not just whether someone has ever experienced intimate partner abuse, but also to identify the abuser.

"Once we have an overall picture in research, we begin to drill down in order to discern whether there are differences by considerations such as the type of relationship." In 2011, Sorenson began collaborating with the Philadelphia Police Department to improve documentation of domestic violence in the city."The federal policy focuses on people who are married, live together or have a child in common.We know that abuse occurs in addition to those kinds of relationships," she said.Dating violence encompasses types of abuse that can range from physical and sexual violence to forms of emotional abuse, including intimidation, coercion, threats and psychological manipulation.Especially for young people, it is important to remember that you do not need to experience physical violence to be a victim of abuse.

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