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Without access to that other device, the login is refused.That makes it much harder to hack into someone's account – but users have to enable it themselves.The scam was discovered by Mark Maunder, CEO of Wordfence, the security service for Word Press.Mr Maunder said that the scam was so convincing that it even fooled 'experienced technical users.'A commenter on Hacker News, an IT person who's school server suffered an attack described what happened once they signed in to the fake page:'The attackers log in to your account immediately once they get the credentials, and they use one of your actual attachments, along with one of your actual subject lines, and send it to people in your contact list.'For example, they went into one student's account, pulled an attachment with an athletic team practice schedule, generated the screenshot, and then paired that with a subject line that was tangentially related, and emailed it to the other members of the athletic team.'The attackers signing into your account happens very quickly, experts warn.Gmail is the latest victim of a phishing scam that is even fooling experienced technical users.

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The fake email uses image attachments that look like a PDF file.

When you click on the attachment, you are directed to phishing pages, disguised as the Google sign-in page.

From a legal point of view they are no swindlers, but from my personal view they are. Just read everything of this topic, follow my advises, suggestions, remember my information, print it out or come back now and then, but visit also my recommended resources, including my recommendations to provide yourself with tools or services that are created by professionals.

Now you probably ask yourself 'what can you do for me? Well that is very simple, I want to protect you for any kind of possible scam. , no, just for the simple reason I can't verify every step you make, but 'can I do this myself? 'Oh, you want to sell me something', certainly not in the first place, the information in our website could be sufficient for you, if you just use your common sense and normal knowledge of human character, keep both feet on ground and if you are not too credulous, then it's already a start.

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