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This extensive experience, plus his passion for education and mentoring, provides an effective platform for Eddy to share his knowledge of marketing analytics and customer experience with his students.Eddy is well qualified for teaching this course having achieved an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication, Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management and a Master of Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.If you are feeling adventurous and want to stretch yourself a little, you can listen to a faster version of each slow news story.The audio is accompanied by popup translations and readings of the .

Each conversation is then dissected in English to give the listener a thorough understanding of what is taking place.

The shows are hosted by Alex who created the website to improve his own language skills, and Asuka, a native of Japan who speaks several languages.

The typical show format features a handful of short conversations between the pair, conducted in Japanese.

This is backed up by an array of supporting materials including transcripts of the conversations in Japanese and English.

Alex and Asuka are a good double act who spark off each other, and their tone is friendly and engaging with an occasional splattering of humor.

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