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Plan a cool date night at the Flora-Bama lounge and oyster bar, where there’s live music and comfort food. is known for its bustling casinos and scandalous shows, and the fancy resorts top the list of some of the raciest places in the area. Secure some privacy by renting out a space at the chic Montauk Yacht Club, where you’ll have access to a private beach and secluded pools.Or if you’re in the mood for a more marina-esque meal, head to Peg Leg Pete’s for fresh seafood. Stroll down the beachfront boardwalk to get a true taste for what A. During the summer, eat at the Surf Lodge Restaurant, which is run by world-renowned chefs.Go on a sexy adventure through park hikes or by taking a day trip to the local vineyards.

Stick to South Beach strip for nighttime dance clubs and head to Nikki Beach for post-night out brunches.

This beautiful beach offers a host of creative spaces, from local art to a live theater.

Spend your time with natives at Wayfarer restaurant on the beach.

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