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You're more likely to find Maran chasing a Frisbee on the beach or outside playing basketball with friends than sweating away in a gym.

"Running on a treadmill is a drag--I'd rather make working out fun," says Maran. I grew up playing in the dirt." So it's not surprising that when it comes to wearing makeup, this tree hugger chooses an outdoorsy glow.

Calling the stunt his way of facing "every human fear," Blaine said his 2 1/2 days standing encased in ice was almost too much for him.

The narrow cocoon hollowed in the ice was smaller than expected and "unbearable," he said. Was the stunt, the most demanding of Blaine's endurance tests, worth the reported million-dollar payoff?

They let me get away with a smack on the wrist and I respect that very much.

My mother keeps telling me to think before I do or say something, and make sure it's what I really want to project.

I'm definitely learning." The tricky part is figuring out which rules to bend, make or break.

"I forget that when I'm having fun, the innocence of it might not come across in pictures," she says.

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More and more women are saying, 'This is how I am--this is my body, and frankly, I like it,' " says Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer to stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Penélope Cruz and Jennifer Connelly. The scale no longer dictates what makes them happy.

A 23-year-old [she is now 25], 5' 6" California-born woman, Maran has the confidence to face the world looking perfectly unadorned and natural (she came to our photo shoot...straight out of bed! "I think the emphasis on cleanliness is very much an American tradition," explains Kathy Peiss, author of Hope in a Jar: The Making of America's Beauty Culture (Owl Books). Maran is living proof that feeling beautiful can have as much to do with your mind as with your mirror.

"American women make up their faces to have a clean look." And unlike the blond-haired, blue-eyed standard popular in the seventies--"That's when the American images was actually Swedish," laughs Ford--today there isn't one look that represents a national fantasy. When an emergency appendectomy at age 12 left her with a big abdominal scar, Maran tried to keep it out of sight. Now I don't even try to hide it anymore--my scar is part of me." And happily, she's not the only American beauty with that I-love-myself-warts-and-all attitude.

"People need to see happy images and a positive attitude." Whether Maran is cracking jokes in front of the camera or just clowning around with her family, the last person she's likely to take seriously is herself. "They provided so much support and love that I always believed in me." When Maybelline signed Josie Maran to a spokesmodel contract in 1999, the makeup manufacturer thought it was getting the same doe-eyed ingenue who had graced the covers of Seventeen, Shape and Glamour, and appeared in ads for Levis and Guess? But there's more to the stunning Maran than meets the eye.

"Being very positive has helped me a lot," says Maran, who at age 12 set her sights on becoming a supermodel. Amid carefully packaged mannequins, the 23-year-old [she is now 25] Northern California native is disarmingly candid.

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