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One can also see the SRO/roomer world as the gay habitat in John Rechy’s City of Night, recounting his days as an itinerant hustler.For Dayton, the 1933 housing study helpfully identifies Dayton’s “Rooming House District” as the “1st Ward”’ AKA downtown and environs.Unfortunately the records don’t list particulars for those cases.I do suspect, and this is just speculation, that the levee was a place of assignation, a cruising spot.

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I don’t know if there were saloons or halls that catered to gays back before prohibition, but I do know that in the police records there was one or two arrests per year for ‘impersonating a female”.Older gay men tell me their first sexual encounters were sometimes in these old houses, by then turned into apartments The Levee was a long-lasting institution for those wanting male/male sex.It even made it to the internet era in the 1990s as there was the Levee BBS as an early online meeting & hook-up place for Datyon gay men Another cruising spot was Cooper Park.The name change happened after a brutal murder or gay bashing associated with a Latin Lounge pick-up gone wrong.There was an earlier Stage Door in Dayton, but it was in the Mayfair Burlesque building, and as far as I know has no relation to this name change.

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