Debt consolidation business consolidating loans

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Kristie Lorette started writing professionally in 1996.She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and multinational business from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University.Contact your state finance office (sometimes the state office of business or corporations), or check with to locate the information for your state. Bear in mind that you will be working with people who are in debt.

But since the repayment terms are short with these types of small business loans, they require large weekly or even daily repayments that cause severe stress to a company’s cash-flow.If a company is unable to secure financing to consolidate existing small business loans and debt, they may explore some of the alternative lending options.Alternative lenders usually offer term loans and other financing products to consolidate smaller amounts of business debt.Contact the company with an official letter that lets it know you will be working as a debt consolidation firm and provides your state licensing and accreditation information.This way, when you begin calling the creditors to negotiate on behalf of clients, the creditors will know that you are running a legitimate business.

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