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You might find a small number of 78s for a long period after they were pretty much done.

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Conversely, in such conditions, it is relevant to enumerate elements in the order underlying the general elongation of the Gaussian distribution by enumerating elements according to their distance to the two endpoints of the distribution.

Pottery is also abundant in ancient Pueblo sites, and its occurrence in many tree-ring-dated contexts has allowed archaeologists to determine fairly precisely when different styles were made.

Because the date ranges for various ancient pottery types are so firmly established, archaeologists can use the mere presence of a particular type of pottery to determine the general time period of occupation of a site, even in the absence of other dating evidence.

A good example of a change in artifact type is the development of hand-held PDAs from those first enormous cell phones. As an example of how change through time works, consider the different music recording methods that were used in the 20th century.

One early recording method consisted of large plastic disks which could only be played on a huge device called a gramophone.

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