Devotions for dating couples by ben young

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I’m not the only one who feels like God has abandoned me in the depths of my greatest need. Suffering, pain, and death bring you to the edge of faith, doubt, and unbelief. It’s interesting that Lewis wrote his book of doubts, , under a pen name. Maybe he, like many of us doubters, felt shame at the raw honesty of his doubts. He is also an adjunct professor at Houston Theological Seminary, and the author of seven books, including Devotions for Dating Couples and Room for Doubt: How Uncertainty Can Deepen Your Faith. Thankfully, Lewis wrote down his doubts in a journal that became a book. I know he had a close group of friends he met with at the pub on a regular basis, who also served as a source of encouragement for him. Again, you must dive a little deeper to grasp a more complete picture of C. Lewis and other giants of faith in the history of the church. Deceive yourself no longer.” His complaint is similar to Job’s when he questioned God’s justice and allowance of such senseless pain and agony.As he tossed and turned in his grief, Lewis questioned whether or not it was rational to believe in a good God or to see him as “the Cosmic Sadist, the spiteful imbecile? From the rational point of view, what new factor has H.’s death introduced into the problem of the universe?Yet, Christians are supposed to live to a higher standard.

They offer tools to build a God-honoring relationship throughout the book.I would have said that I hadtaken them into account. We were even told, ‘Blessed are they that mourn,’ and I accepted it. Of course it is different when the thing happens to oneself, not to others, and in reality, not in imagination.I had been warned—I had warned myself—not to reckon on worldly happiness. SEE ALSO: What You Can Learn about Doubt from Mother Teresa When someone of his intellectual and spiritual stature doubts, it gives me hope. They integrated doubt into their faith, and their uncertainty about God and the future deepened their faith over time. Perhaps you’ve spent long enough being hard on yourself for having doubts about God. If God did not want us to ever doubt, he could have reached down and ripped the book of Psalms right out of the Bible. It is possible to have great doubt and great faith at the same time. In Mother Teresa, in Luther and in Lewis we see, great men and women of faith can also be great men and women of doubt. I am glad to know that such a giant of the faith like Martin Luther struggled with doubt. For Lewis, the pain of grief cut so deeply that he doubted the goodness and fairness of God.He had already published a book on pain and suffering entitled, was raw and personal. When you are happy, so happy that you have no sense of needing Him, so happy that you are tempted to feel His claims upon you as an interruption, if you remember yourself and turn to Him with gratitude and praise, you will be—or so it feels—welcomed with open arms.

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