Does bobby deen dating katy mixon

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Now the question remains whether the American actress Katy, 35, is yet single or happily married.After her break up with her prior boyfriend Bobby, there has been no official confirmation from Katy’s side as to whether she was dating or in a relationship with anyone.In this interview, Mixon talks to Variety about diving into her starring role and portraying a TV mom while preparing to become a mother in real life.

Her comic timing and charm is what made her so famous so fast.

Not only her voice but her high physical sex appeal has made her one of the beautiful actresses in the TV industry.

Caption: Katy Mixon and Bobby Dee back when they were in a relationship Katy Mixon started dating celebrity chef Bobby Dee in 2010.

Famous celebrity chef Bobby Deen aka Robert Earl was seen dating this hot bombshell.

Their relationship started in 2009 when Katy was busy with her HBO comedy series, where she was a regular.

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