Dstv on demand not updating liquidating inherited stocks receiving cash

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Multi Choice said it is aware of problems with its DStv Catch Up and Box Office services, and is working to resolve them.The company said on Twitter that its Catch Up service is not updating, and that Box Office movies are missing on older HD PVR decoders.

I personally have no expectation or trust that something I expect to be on the DStv Catch Up service would actually be on.“As with many software deployments — even though it was extensively tested beforehand, we encountered some unforeseen issues,” it said.Catch Up, which offers DStv subscribers the ability to watch cached and online content on demand, is available to those on the DStv Premium bouquet with PVRs and to DStv Compact and Extra customers with Explora decoders.While I (luckily recorded) it, by Monday afternoon - exactly as I feared - the latest episode of Carte Blanche wasn't available on Multi Choice's DStv Catch Up service where it should be and I don't have any hope that the episode ever will, exactly as the previous weeks where/when it wasn't. A lot of other shows that's supposed to be on DStv Catch Up, given Multi Choice's assurance to DStv subscribers that DStv Catch Up is working again, simply isn't.The long and short of it: If you want to watch something that used to be on DStv Catch Up, set a recording for it yourself because DStv Catch Up isn't working properly.

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