Escd updating

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Bei jedem Boot-Vorgang überprüft das BIOS die Hardware-Konfiguration und aktualisiert gegebenenfalls das ESCD.

Wenn dies fehlschlägt, ist das Flash-ROM möglicherweise defekt, wahrscheinlich aber nur schreibgeschützt: Manche Boards verfügen über einen Jumper, der das Flash-BIOS gegen Überschreiben schützt, andere besitzen eine entsprechende BIOS-Option.

It may vary from motherboard BIOS vendor, but with Phoenix BIOS, the ESCD data was stored in the 2nd (extended) bank of CMOS, accessible through IO ports 0x72/0x73.

Many socket 7 motherboards have the option to "reset configuration data". Does anyone know how to integrate that part of the code into my 486's AWARD 4.51PG BIOS?I have a PCI-based 486 motherboard with a BIOS based on AWARD 4.51PG.I would like to force a reset of the configuration data (ESCD) at POST every time I boot.Editing either should wreck the checksum, thus forcing the data to be recalculated, likely with a nasty message from the BIOS.It sounds like you've determined that the ESCD data is stored in your motherboards EEPROM instead- this tool will not help with that, and discovering how your eeprom is written to is going to be a bigger task- your write protect jumper might be the best way after all.

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