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Is a book a mere extension of our memories, or does it go deeper than its byproduct overlap with our brains?

We publish their list of category finalists with links to the books we've reviewed in our pages.Please use "The Eric Hoffer Award honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer.In addition to the grand prize, Hoffer honors are bestowed by press type and category, and also through the Montaigne Medal, da Vinci Eye, and First Horizon Award.back to top The Small Press Award is given to a book from a press producing twenty-five books or more per year., Alison Flowers, Haymarket Books - The author opens this book by coining a new word: "exoneree." She notes that, up to now, there has been “no word for the people freed from prison, innocent of the crimes that sent them there.” She proceeds to tell the stories of four wrongfully accused individuals, recounting the situations that landed them in prison, their trials, their appeals, and their life back in the world following exoneration.

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