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The Karolinska scientists reported that one-third of hippocampal neurons are turning over on a repeated basis. Frisén said it is “a 1.75 percent annual turnover within the renewing fraction.” “We were surprised to see that much neurogenesis in humans,” he added.

Studies in animals suggest that neurogenesis is important for learning and memory and may well be involved in certain disease states, like depression.

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“The authors find that the human hippocampus continues to add new neurons throughout life, even in older age.

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The presentations will be webcast live on the Internet, accessible through the Investor Relations section of True Car’s website at com.First, unlike in rodents, in which neurogenesis occurs in the olfactory bulb and the dentate gyrus, human adult neurogenesis occurs only in the dentate gyrus.Second, the scientists also found that the rate of decline in neurogenesis is much lower than they have seen in rodents.New neurons, according to animal studies, are called on for certain memory functions, including pattern separation, Dr. Pattern separation is the ability to distinguish between separate but distinct events, like remembering where you parked your car in a garage.Scientists have also reported neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb in animals, although the Karolinska team performed carbon-14 dating in the olfactory bulb in human donor tissue and found no evidence of neurogenesis. This was surprising.” He said that his team is interested in the role that neurogenesis seems to play in diseases like depression and stroke.

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