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Garai will lead the cast of the production, which is directed by Blanche Mc Intyre and designed by Anna Fleischle.

Lighting design is by Richard Howell, sound design is by Emma Laxton and movement is by Sasha Milavic Davies.

Romola Garai has been cast in the title role in Ella Hickson’s new play, The Writer.

The play premieres at the Almeida Theatre in north London in April, running from April 14 to May 26.

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She wants the people around her to have the best because she loves them.

"Emma is just beautifully flawed, properly fleshed out as a character and has a wonderful spirit and wit as most of Austen's heroines, but she has this horrendous egocentricity which gives the arc to the story.

I felt that I could relate to her as a character because of those flaws.

I even think I prefer her characterisation to George Eliot or any of the other 19th century novelists. It's probably always been my favourite of the Austen novels so it was obviously a big deal for me to get to audition to play the part as she has definitely always been my favourite heroine." Romola's academic endeavours and love for literature led her to her own unique interpretation and portrayal of Emma, a character she says she is very fond of and can relate to.

"Emma isn't flawless, and I suppose there are some people that innately relate to Lizzie Bennet [Pride And Predjudice], but I always thought there was something terrifyingly perfect about Elizabeth Bennett in the way she effortlessly seems to always know the right thing to say.

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