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As next step you will get the option to update different OROM, EFI and CPU Microcode modules and to replace them by different versions. OROM/EFI Replace v Tested working on BIOS from the ECS and Bio Star (microcode update is similar to the ASRock and Gigabyte in first module.Everything is good.) :)2) Added support and updated "EFI PXE UNDI Realtek LAN" GUID 4953F720-006D-41F5-990D-0AC7742AAAB0 and GUID 5A4D0030-9DB6-11E1-A8B0-0800200C9A66. :)UEFI BIOS Updater v1.0.0 Pre-Release 6 Direct Link- bugs fix OROM/EFI Module Replacer v0.9.9.9b Direct link- update modules LAN Intel OROM 1.5.43 and EFI 5.9.07- rewriten code for "Update CPU microcode"- bugs fix Change1) Fixed minor bugs2) Changes in CPU microcode update module. UEFI BIOS Updater v 1.0.0 Pre-Release 8 Direct [email protected] Soni X: Thanks for the updated UBU version.If the setting is working well you can also try to use a higher memory clock.Additionally the UBU tool offers the option to detect the Intel Management Engine Firmware version of the related BIOS by running the tool named ME Analyzer (developed by our Forum member plutomaniac).

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In this quick guide I will explain the process of GIGABYTE Z170 Non-K Overclocking.

The non-K OC is really easy and can be done within few minutes.

Few days ago I published a short article about overclocking non-K CPUs.

Depending on the CPU you can increase the clock between 15-70 % without any problems.

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