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If no ball was available then an old tin can was used as a replacement.

The girls with their skipping games using one or sometimes two long ropes were much more skilled than the boys.

As Winter gave way to Spring we were again able to go out to play after tea.

This was the time for other games such Red Light, a variation on I Spy.

If one or two balls were available then a suitable wall was used for throwing and catching games such as Capie Clappie, this game involved a complex ritual of special throws and physical movements as the ball or even balls bounced against the wall.

All these girls' games were played to well established chants setting out the next movement or action.

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Residents who were particularly nasty to us may even have had their doorbell rung and not found anyone there when they answered it.

Since we're spread all over the world now, it's not so easy to get together this is an attempt to create a poor substitute by publishing some of the stories we might tell. New contributions are always at the top you should begin reading from the bottom of the page since a few of the more recent tales refer to earlier ones. A reminder that when your cursor changes to a hand over words or photographs it's inviting you to click for further information.

A recent inter-generational family discussion led me to thinking about present day childhood in comparison to my own experiences during and immediately after World War II.

When the correct item was shouted out the successful guesser chased the others and whoever was caught was It for the next round.

If a car came past during this game positions on the road were supposed to be resumed where they left off.

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