Im dating a stripper song

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So I'm googling 24h clubs (FL has a few) tryna help her lie & he is NOT having it.

" she goes "we went 2 another club cus it was slow".

Nigerian native Akporode Uwedjojevwe was unmasked as Z. " Now I'm skeptical like DAMN b**** we just met and we already taking h** trips together????

He is seen (right) in a mugshot after being arrested in Reno, Nevada, for charges including sexual trafficking Okay listen up.

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'He throws his phone at her and its HER FACEBOOK!!! HER MOM IS ON THERE GOIN OFFFFFF in the comments!!! Please" this white n**** starts PUNCHING HIMSELF!!!! Jess come on so i can take some pics it's already 10oclock. We come out the bathroom (i did her hair & makeup & s***) & jarret goes "everybody knows you a ho now. It's fine"'So jessica (the white b****) pulls me to the side & is like "we gone be at the club all night. 'But this club require pasties & boy shorts & all this other s**..whatever. She was talking to some dude, tryna talk him out his wallet & they exchanged numbers.

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    Meanwhile, Alejandro makes use of promises that he is not planning to keep to take advantage of María’s innocence.