Interracial dating e card

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citizens can bring their foreign national fiancé(e)s to the U. This visa will allow the fiancé(e) to remain the U. for a 90 day period, during which he or she needs to get married to the sponsoring U. Danny’s father is someone who doesn’t agree with interracial couples. To do so, they need to sponsor the fiancé(e) for a K-1 fiancé(e) visa. If they fail to get married within 90 days, the foreign fiancé(e) will not be able to remain in the U. Here is the story of Danny Frieshmuth and Amy Africa who are trying to make their relationship work. They maintained their long distance relationship though Danny’s father was against their interracial dating.Hitch has all the documents ready to establish that there is a genuine relationship between him and Tavares.Similarly, Amy and Danny have pictures and Facebook messages they sent each other to prove to the immigration officials that their relationship is bonafide.Literally every 'sub' and people that claim that they 'aren't boring' on here: Not all racial stereotypes are true.

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