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Edit: At the request of the user @Rolando My SQLDBA below, here's the info on My ISAM and INNODB. It would be nice if Inno DB's MVCC would let queries be served from the query cache if modifications do not affect repeatable reads for other transactions. Apparently, you have a lot of queries that get invalidated rather quickly and are probably not being reused.For Inno DB under My SQL 4.0, the query cache was disabled for transactions.For more information on how Inno DB interacts with the query cache, please read pages 213-215 of the book "High Performance My SQL (Second Edition)".If all or the majority of your data is My ISAM, you could go with your original idea of using SQL_NO_CACHE.For example, Query Cache::invalidate() builds up a list of tables used, and calls Query Cache::invalidate_table().Query Cache::invalidate_table locks the query cache, invalidates the QC if query_cache_size 0, unlocks QC and returns.

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In fact, pages 209-210 of the same book point out reasons for cache misses : set to 104857600 (100M), this only allows for 100 cached results set in a perfect world.Description: Since the Query cache hurts some workloads, we turn if off by setting query_cache_size=0.However, the Query Cache still does some work before finding out that query_cache_size is 0 and returning.Also, since I am using queries to fetch entities, avoiding query-cache is also not an option The query cache is not useful for write-mostly applications, as you probably figured out yourself.There is no write-through query caching option, so you need to question why you are using this feature in the first place.

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