Is novak djokovic still dating jelena ristic

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Second: Nole cannot get married before 13th of July since nobody can get married during lent period which finishes on July the 12th.

July 9th, 2014 at pm Wog boy Says: @Peep, You are right, I found the same information just now, I guess they or somebody planed wedding day without knowing that it is in the middle of the lent “The Fast of the Holy Apostles” from 1st to 12th of July.

According to reports from Serbia, the wedding between Novak Djokovic and his longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic will take place as scheduled, today in a resort in Montenegro.

The Wimbledon champ and his bride-to-be arrived last night at the Tivet Airport then headed to the Sveti Stefan resort.

1 comes from a long-line of tennis standouts and actually learned the sport at his parent’s sports complex in Serbia.

Add into the mix two pro brothers and the Djokovic family has had a tennis racket in its collective hands for more than 30 years. He married childhood sweetheart Jelena Ristic last year and the two welcomed their first child not long after.

I am pretty sure they will not be eating only vegetables and seafood today, since that is the only food allowed during fasting period, no food of animal origin is allowed (meat, eggs, cheese, milk etc).

Typical our and Nole way, why make things simple when one can make them complicated?

In Orthodox faith best man can be any person of any recognised christian faith but Godfather can be only the person baptised in orthodox faith.

What a splendid eventful year for Novak who is witnessing good times in torrents.

All the best to him and Jelena for a happy, prosperous and healthy married life. July 10th, 2014 at am Wog boy Says: @Peep, There is no rule, you take your best friend to be your best man/godfather or as we say “Kum”, that doesn’t mean that you will be later godfather/kum to that person, it happens but not often.

Novak’s success is an amazing thing and something that Federer cannot understand. All three sons – Novak and his younger brothers Marko and Djordje – are professional tennis players.

But it hasn’t been simply roses and grand slams for the trio.

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