Jamaican dating cuban

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And you don’t seem to be losing weight,’ pointedly looking at the food stains on his taut tunic.

She is such a contrast to the staff from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It’s what happened to my boss: they came and took him away, provisionally charged with revelations of state secrets and corruption. Sometimes he is really aggressive, shouting and banging the table while making all sorts of threats. My cellmates are all afflicted with a variety of illnesses, real and imagined.

What a bunch of supine, wishy-washy paper tigers they are turning out to be.

They don’t want to do anything to rock the fragile boat of diplomacy.

I lose more than 3st in weight in a few months – that’s 18 per cent of my normal body mass. She is orchestrating what passes for a defence in Cuba with my lawyer, and most importantly she is making my interrogator Ivan curse the day he ever decided to arrest me on these ridiculous charges.‘Now listen here Ivana, it just isn’t good enough,’ she says, blithely ignoring that she has not only corrupted his name but feminised it, a serious insult in a macho culture. I insist that he has a home-cooked meal once a week and that you let him have dried fruit and the basics to keep his health.’Ivan replies stiffly: ‘We have our regulations but I will see what can be done.

We all eat from the same kitchen, you know.’Mum says: ‘I don’t care about that nonsense.

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