Jordan dating john leslie

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The riches of this world will fade / The treasures of our God remain Here I empty myself to owe this world / Nothing and find everything in You Songs "Path of Sorrow," inspired by William Cowper, and "My Roving Heart," inspired by John Newton, continue the paradoxical themes of God's steadfast mercy and presence as His beloved wanders, inconstant."You Are Love and Love Alone," a contagious melody with stripped-bare instrumentation that mirrors the earnest simplicity of the lyric pays homage to Saint Therese, a French Catholic nun who often referred to her spiritual devotion as "the little way." The words for the song were adapted from a 19th century hymn penned by English writer and Westminster Abbey Cannon Frederic William Farrar."We knew God was doing something we could never have imagined," David says, a year after the trip.

Written in an hour, Leslie and David ran with Cara's inspiration for the chorus: 'This is where my hope lies, this is where my soul sighs, I will always find my rest in you...'"Culturally we live in a place of hurry and distraction, fast paced... It's a beautiful story and a lot of people resonate with the need for rest."This resonance plays out through the end of the song, in an unforgettable, momentous way, repeating Augustine's mantra: 'You cannot change and yet You change everything.'Expanding on the connection between the songs and the poets and saints who inspired them, Jamie's book deepens the experience, as he examines the lives of these extraordinary people.What began as a simple study of these two groups of people "poets (writers) and saints" soon morphed into a barrage of 'what ifs.' All Sons & Daughters' Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, who are based at Franklin, Tennessee's Journey Church, spoke to their pastor, Jamie George, about the idea.Unbeknownst to them, Jamie had been considering a teaching series on church history.We've gone into projects with great conviction before, but this is a whole different level.""The more we uncovered the truth about their lives and how they communicated with God, the more important it became to us to show how they're still influencing our lives today,,"says Leslie. so He takes something that is ancient and plants it in the present to wake us up.""We are all poets and saints, we all have something to say, and whatever we have to say comes from our places of brokenness.""They actually allowed themselves to suffer," adds Jamie."Most of us have shame about the past or anxiety about the future..

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