M2m dating

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Presently, it is not clear what the value of the South African M2M market is.However, looking at the financial reports of both Vodacom and MTN one can deduce that the M2M industry is growing fast and the companies are seeing value in being invested in this new sector.

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One of the most important aspects of the "Internet of Things" (Io T) vision is that smart objects communicate effectively with each other and with applications residing in data centers or the cloud.This development also allows both mobile operators to diversify their revenue streams.M2M allows a variety of devices and machines – including utility meters, vehicle sensors, and point of sales terminals, security devices, consumer electronics and many more – to talk to each other.Eurotech develops and offers the technical building blocks required to build distributed systems of devices and sensors to be effectively interconnected with IT infrastructures.Eurotech solutions are a combination of hardware, firmware, operating systems, programming frameworks and external infrastructure that enable customers focus on their core activities.

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