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She couldn't feel her three holes for a long time after that.

Those didn't compare with what her captor did to her during their little "discipline" sessions, though.

Yep, that mask is the trademark of that famous killer. yeah, that teen 'freak' we were talking about earlier. He might still be highschool age, but he can handle the job.

I heard you've killed quite a few people back in the days... He's handled a lot more blood than you'll ever see, so don't worry about it.

There were two shadows painted against the concrete floor.

Dispite being broken down, though, the bar was filled with crowds of rough-looking men whom probably could belong to a gang. Deep below the cellers, underneathe the abandoned bar was a windowless basement of sorts.

His sneer was still on his face as he approached the masked man. Her body was visibly quivering as she wondered what her fate was to be."Hello? I was supposed to pick her up," an aged, but gruff voice answered. it was too much of a problem having to accept the mission and all. again," the man with the bloodied mask stood over the dead body of Mark. The shiver went up the captive's spine as she looked on in horror at the dead body before her. He reached up a leather glove to rub the girl's tears away, but the girl flinched at the slightest touch."Hello?

"You must be that assassin I've been hearing about. Nice choice, choosing a line of work that brings in the cash. Don't worry though, I sent my disciple to handle it... She hated that dead bastard with all her heart, but a dead body was still a dead body and this was the first time she's seen one. what to do with you..."The girl looked up at the masked man with a new kind of fright in her eyes. he was supposed to be around the same age as her, too!

There were cuts, scrapes, bruises, and welts all over her body.

The most noteable ones were all over her more private regions: her breasts, ass, and cunt.

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