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Adding on to those sentiments, Tully notes, " To be heard across the country, every month, in a format he can control - access to huge audiences, without questions from pesky reporters, has been seen as a media masterstroke for Modi.But he still has to persuade those listening - "Now, the question is, has he explained to the people why we want to go to [a] cashless society?Now AAPians may say that Father is Ambani/BJP/Modi Agent.. Throughout the election campaign, you alleged that Koli’s death was caused by the Maoists. AAPtards are really the most selfish people in the world, who only know how to use and throw people, just like they with Anna, Ramdev, Kiran bedi etc.. Leider komme ich momentan in keine Gruppe in Facebook rein keine ahnung warum außenstehende nichts daran teilhaben dürfen? Ich hatte immer Diesel und möchte das auch gerne weiterhin. Ansonsten fahre ich lange Strecken über Autobahn usw.Für mich ist es einfach auch verlockend, ein schönes Auto für 5-8 tsd Euro unter eigentlichen Wert zu bekommen und vermutlich geht beim Händler Vorort auch noch einiges.

Don't forget, he is not trying to connect with the urban masses," says Kingshuk Nag, Hyderabad resident editor for the Times of India.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power two years ago, packing lots of political baggage and, since then, some of his policies have divided Indians.

Why has Modi chosen to speak to his people over the radio instead of television?

"Radio is a much more intimate media than television.

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