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I live in Kiev, it's very beautiful and amazing city, but without travel I can't imagine my life!

I am looking for new and interesting people with whom I will go to the new adventure.

The risk of mortality among such babies is 4.4 percent higher than average, which is the same in babies born from women in their forties.

said Professor Spencer, the co-author of the research, which is published in the online journal Public Library of Science.

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marriage between cousin makes them even more closer.Johann Sebastian Bach, a famous German composer and organist in 1707 married Maria Barbara Bach, who was his second cousin. After her death the musician married Anna Magdalena Wilcke, who gave birth to 13 children. I think we should not focus on the consequences after multiple generations of first cousins because it's an extreme case : it's not because one marries his first cousin that the next generation will do so. I don't think that marrying our cousins is the first choice to make, but it's not immoral either.The famous English naturalist, Charles Darwin, married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood. I understand people who don't like it (we all have different opinions), but those who call those cousins "sick" are stupid and ignorant.I love my job, I'm a scientist, now I writing my Ph D work.I am cheerful, kind and clever girl, does not always have the time to write messages, so do not be offended!

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