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And its popularity has made its contestants famous.Earlier, I’d received a text from a friend who’d traveled 40 miles and rented a hotel room, just to be part of the audience that’d be cycled in after midnight, because her young son loved the show so much.“We can’t overstate,” he said, “if it weren’t for the stories, it would be people doing a jungle gym for two hours, and I think the stories we tell resonate with people.” Those stories are the clip packages and details that Iseman and his fellow host Akbar Gbajabiamila share with viewers as contestants tackle the course.But not even they know everything about contestants.Matt Iseman told me that Ninja Warrior has “really transcended the show.It’s become a sport.” He added that “the community that exists amongst the Ninjas …The first person I saw as I walked along the empty, quiet American Ninja Warrior course in Daytona Beach, Fla., was Jessie Graff, flying through the air.There were no audience members or crew members or contestants; the sun was still up this cool April evening, and contestants wouldn’t start attempting the course for a few more hours.

“I cried once I found out,” Akbar told me, “because I didn’t know that—we didn’t know that going into this.” He found out watching the episode.

Accidents happen, especially when you’re working in a busy bar dealing with glasses and rowdy customers.

But this woman managed to prevent a smashed glass with an impressive move.

But there she was, holding on to two handles, frozen in space and time.

Jessie was on the side of a tractor-trailer parked near the front of the course—or at least, her picture was, a photo from last season’s finals in Las Vegas blown up and plastered to the side of one of the vehicles used to transport the show’s course around the country.

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