Nnm map not updating

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Control device management with the ability to add, change, and remove devices.To allow more flexibility using Time Series storage, we have introduced Backshift, a Java Script based visualization of Time Series Data similar to RRDtool.I've been really busy lately and I didn't have time to finish some events I planned for this release, those will be in the next update.Make sure to delete the previous version and the map and flag cache when you are updating.Open NMS is a carrier-grade, highly integrated, open source platform designed for building network monitoring solutions.

Discover layer 2 network topologies based on SNMP information from industry standards like LLDP, CDP and Bridge-MIB discovery.Now, by default the standard variables of the program map are provided only with the prefix added to its name.- If the 'ls *' command was executed before a valid mount, the autofs program failed on further mount attempts inside the mount point, whether the mount point was valid or not.A local attacker could potentially use this flaw to escalate their privileges on the system.Note: This issue has been fixed by adding the ' AUTOFS_' prefix to the affected environment variables so that they are not used to subvert the system.

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