Nurse dating patient family

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Here in Ontario, for example, the College of Nurses is very explicit about this.The dynamics involved in providing care for someone and how that person and their family respond to you can get tricky.Since you know what department she was working in and when...You can go to the florist and hand write a note to be attached with flowers sent to her.

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I have worked as a teck not a nurse but people appreciate the caring and it can be missunderstood.....often I was just busy being there and present for all that I needed to be to really pay attention to anything else but I might have responded to some one if I noticed them fondly.....mostly it was guys who would sell them selves and that is uncomfortable start for me .That way it's in her hands and she doesn't feel pressured. I don't think they'd give me her hours if I just called and asked, which makes going to see her difficult unless I go around shift change time, which might increase my chances of seeing her. This would be in stark contrast to many womenin public who have their shields up! Just learn from it, and learn to approach and get aphone number right away! I have been asked out by men who thought that there was some kind of "connection" when in reality I am just being who I am and doing my job... I know at our hospital - many nurses work odd hours, long shifts and all over the hospital depending on where they are needed.Would it better to take my chances going around shift change or to call and ask to speak with her? (Still doesn't mean they are interested, bythe way! Even though it's not the same as going to see her in person. If you are lucky, she won't be there, and you can ask them when she works next. Than you can go in when you know she's going to be there. Not trying to make you doubt this connection you speak of.. all I am saying is that there is a possibility (as I am sure you know) that there wasn't... beyond whatever it is you may want to see ;)You had a really strong connection but you didn't pay attention to what time it was when she was around? The rest of my message pertains to how my hospital operates and I'm going to assume it is the same for most.mostly I tried to remain professional and mostly I was I would take a totally different approach.I would send her a bouquet under the guise of thanking her for the compassionate care she gave to your relative.

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