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The client is still protected from viruses whose signatures exist locally to the client. In the admin console, go to Networked Computers, Client Management, and select the group, sub-group, or client you want to apply this to.

Then click Settings, Privileges and Other Settings, go to the Other Settings tab, and check "Do not allow users to access the client console from the system tray or Windows Start menu". They pull signature updates, but any configuration changes or software updates are pushed to them.

If you restrict egress traffic (not typical), you will also need to open those ports to, 128.1, 128.1, and 128.1.

There have been many reported issues with the latest version of Windows Defender clashing with Trend Antivirus.

Per Trend's recommendation, this runs in conjunction with the Trend Intrusion Defense Firewall. Because we want to provide an installer that causes the least amount of interference to business process and does not risk interrupting critical systems, there are a number of features that are turned off by default.

DNLs are free to turn on these features for their clients in the management console, and those options can be configured differently for each individual client or for entire AD OUs.

We do not recommend you pay for a personal antivirus software license as plenty of free options are available, such as Avira or Bitdefender.

It may take a few hours before Trend syncs with the new AD structure and for the OUs to replicate into the Trend client groups.Version 10.6 Service Pack 1 This readme file is current as of the date above.However, all customers are advised to check Trend Micro's website for documentation updates at Trend has a page dedicated to Amazon AWS deployments here.DNLs and other departmental IT support staff can obtain access to the Office Scan management console, which will allow them to configure options for the agents installed on endpoints in their respective departments.

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