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‘It’s just that I want to focus on myself at the moment.’Looking at him, you doubted this was unusual.

Nonetheless it came as a shock – particularly for Mimi. Don’t worry,’ she stopped him coldly, which he eagerly seized as the signal he could leave.

When Mimi heard the news that Bentley had herself ‘hooked up’ with Harry ‘Dick’ Baron, she saw it as the breakthrough she needed to put an end to his ridiculously chivalrous stance.‘You’re in the clear ! ’ Mimi told Fred, meaning he could do WHOEVER he wanted (i.e. Fred immediately took her out for a drink in one of those bars MIC loves but are so unpopular with the rest of us they are always empty.‘I got you a nice fruity cocktail,’ Fred preened.‘You read my mind! The only Icelandic phrase he knew was the motto ‘good things happen slowly.’‘I like that,’ Mimi nodded flatly.‘It’s a cool expression right?

’ The Easy Canadian purred, although it was obvious she had only one thing on her mind – something much fruitier. ’ Fred swelled (with pride).‘I really do like that,’ Mimi repeated but only confirming that she really didn’t.

Ella became so upset that Harry had provoked Julius to berate her low morality before flouncing off (as he does at the end of every scene) that it brought her to her senses.

She spelt out to Harry that she had no feelings for him. MIC’s new female equivalent of ‘Dick’ also snatched defeat from the jaws of victory despite laying it on a plate (almost literally) for Fredrik Ferrier.

She had even played tennis with him, waddling around the court in a dress so short we saw that her legs were so stumpy they made Toff’s look like an adult’s rather than a toddler’s.

Eventually Fred’s beloved had enough of her – and him.‘You’re welcome to my sloppy seconds,’ Olivia sniffed.

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Forcing a steady supply of shots on any boyfriends ensured his seedy intentions had even less resistance.‘You look absolutely stunning this evening,’ Baron smarmed to Ella Willis, whom he had resolved to seduce away from Julius Cowdrey.‘Really? No not really you dummy, we all cried.‘When I’m flirting with you it’s very genuine,’ he assured her, a chat-up line that told us it wasn’t.

It was a bad night for the good-looking, smooth-talking, sex-crazed, newcomers on Made In Chelsea, Harry Baron and Mimi the ‘easy’ Canadian.

Harry and Mimi had seemed perfectly cast as the show’s latest shameless charmers/tarts when they first arrived at the start of Series 447.

As she sat there alone, staring into her drink, a more damaging, humiliating, blow to her reputation was hard to imagine.

Mimi The Easy Canadian had failed to ensnare Fredrik, even by being easy.

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