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Don't shuffle around the house in pajamas all weekend.And good luck trying to get your kid to use floss if he's never seen you with it. Altmann says that if it's possible, have mothers talk to daughters about teen hygiene issues and fathers with sons."Some guys just don't care." They refuse to shower -- even after exercise.As a result, they can smell pretty rank and may start developing rashes and other problems, Wibbelsman says. Here are a few tips on getting your kid to adopt better teen hygiene habits. If your teen is resistant to basic teen hygiene -- like showering after practice or using deodorant -- don't just nag or plead.Explain that taking care of himself is a responsibility, and start treating it like his other household duties.Just as he is supposed to take out the trash and keep his room clean, he now has to look after his hygiene.Keep in mind that many self-conscious teens have a skewed perception of how much they're sweating. "I see a lot of teens who are convinced that they're sweating a lot more than all their friends, even though they're perfectly normal," says Altmann. Before puberty, your kid might have gotten away with wearing the same shirt -- or even the same underwear and same socks -- day after day without anyone noticing. Get your teen to understand that along with showering, wearing clean clothes each day is an important part of teen hygiene.

"Kids tend to look to a same-sex parent as a role model for hygiene." Get some professional backup.As soon as puberty hits and the hormones start flowing, a preteen's hygiene requirements change dramatically in many ways.But experts say a lot of parents avoid discussing the subject.Make clear that good hygiene isn't just an arbitrary set of rules that you're forcing on them."Teens need to know how to take care of themselves, because they really are on the verge of adulthood," says Wibbelsman.

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