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I get anxious on public transport or in crowds of people and it feels very realistically like I can’t breathe.It can be worse at the weekend when everyone on the train is chatting more because it feels like they’re voices are right inside my head, like an itch I can’t scratch." Zoah Hedges-Stocks is a 26-year-old journalist living in London.Every week, an estimated one in six people will have experienced a common mental illness, and one in four of us will have to deal with some kind of mental ill-health at some point in our lives.Yet stigma still surrounds conditions including depression and anxiety, which are the most common in the UK, to bi-polar and anorexia.While their descriptions were all unique, they all shared one thing: encouraging others to seek help and an eagerness to raise awareness that no one should be alone when struggling with their mental health.

She was diagnosed with anorexia in 2013, but had suffered from the condition from 2011.

“A major panic attack feels like you’re in immediate danger of dying.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve been hit with a bucket of freezing water.

“It really feels like you are in constant battle with yourself.

There is the person who you really are, and the part of your personality that is ill and constantly dictating what you should do.

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