Pisces dating a capricorn

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But if the Capricorn man can teach her initiative and she can help to calm him down after a stressful day, they will maintain a wonderfully peaceful existence throughout their life together.Pisces is a mutable water sign whereas Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, the Pisces woman Capricorn man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating.And both sun signs take their time when making decisions, sharing a cautious nature.They want to take things slow and careful when building their relationship, and this mutual understanding strengthens their love compatibility.A seduction feels like cooperation, foreplay like a warm-up, and intercourse like work. It may not be that very romantic, unless Capricorn has included that in the plan, which only happens if the partner has made the demand for it very clear.It should take time, and it should have a lasting effect. In those cases, Capricorn’s attempts at romance might be somewhat lacking and overly formal, because that’s something Capricorn is not very comfortable with.And sex should not always be in the bed, but in other furniture at home or even far outside of it.Capricorn wants to conquer, which means taking the initiatives and pushing forward, as if impatient – but still taking measures to prolong the act.

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Or all of them, if more than two, and Capricorn wouldn’t mind that terribly.

The Capricorn male will have to learn to loosen up and live in the moment with her if he is to join in her spiritual experience.

And the Pisces female will have to come back to earth and revel in his solid physical pleasures to complete his satisfaction.

But they will immediately recognize all of the simple things they have in common.

The Pisces women and Capricorn men are both homebodies who would rather enjoy each other’s company in a cozy house than spend a night out on the town.

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