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In order for an addict to function they must become very good at manipulation, lies and creating drama to deflect their substance abuse.

Their behaviors may be so aloof, appealing and beguiling that the sober partner is intrigued by the mystery and thrill of the addict’s actions.

If sobriety IS attained, it is usually followed by relapse and broken promises.

Ultimately things go back to the way they were—being last on the list of your loved ones priorities while drugs and alcohol is first.

I wanted to believe I was seeing things more than I wanted to face the fact that my gut was probably right.

He called me one weekend and spoke to me in the strangest tone making some outrageous statements.

So how can you become ready to address your own codependence and co-addiction? And a section at the end for your questions or comments or experiences.

In the beginning of a relationship with an addict things are usually amazing.

When you are in a relationship with someone where a substance comes first it is likely you have tried; ultimatums, interventions, rehab, AA, NA, therapy, family therapy, ignoring, begging, pleading, and crying to no avail.The sober partner may be questioning their own eyes, sanity, and reality just to try and believe an addict’s lies.Over time,the strange, unexplained behavior can no longer be chalked up to nothing.He had disappeared for a couple of days and said he was with friends.After my worry got the best of me, I went to his apartment.

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