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She and her husband are about to celebrate their 18th anniversary as they do every year — with a nice dinner in a Portland restaurant.While she’s in Maine, she’ll be appearing at One Longfellow Square to give some advice on “My 7 Best Secrets to Find the Right Man.” Q: Your new book is so detailed and obviously very well researched.In the interviews it came up very early on, where a guy would say to me, “We actually had a pretty good date.I liked her and there were maybe some concerns about X or Y, but it was a pretty good date.And inevitably a lot of these guys — about half of them — reported that one of the things that happened next was she sent him a thank-you text or e-mail.And in the same breath that men were saying, “Yeah, that was nice.

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They don’t know if she had a good time or not, and part of their DNA, I think, is wired to pursue those who retreat.

A: When I was dating, before e-mail, I wouldn’t write someone a letter or I wouldn’t call a guy to thank him, so this whole sending someone a thank-you text or e-mail the next day is also very recent.

It was interesting to me to see that it has kind of broken the unspoken male-female code that the man pursues the woman.

Q: Another thing that could be confusing is some of the guys said that they thought some women were “too nice,” and they considered that to be desperate. Q: I could get off on a whole philosophical discussion about what does it say about our culture that if you are “too nice” or show any kind of real interest in a person, they consider you “desperate”? That’s what the focus of the book is about: It is inevitable that first impressions in dating are misleading, so what do you need to do to get past that place so you can really decide if someone’s right for you or not? No one’s going to read these reasons that men describe and say “Oh, I really enjoyed hearing that,” but it’s what’s necessary to make the connection.

And it’s a really hopeful message, because what it’s saying is, “You know that last date you were on when he didn’t call you back?

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