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Bollettino dell' Unione Matematica Italiana, Vol.

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Ertl, Thomas Brandes, Ulrik Weiskopf, Daniel Nocaj, Arlind El-Assady, Mennatallah Frey, Steffen Hlawatsch, Marcel Hund, Michael Karch, Grzegorz Netzel, Rudolf and Schätzle, Christin 2016. Villois, Alberto Krstulovic, Giorgio Proment, Davide and Salman, Hayder 2016.

To shed light on this problem, we conduct experiments on rough radial Hele-Shaw cells.

We fill the cell with a viscous glycerol, and then inject a less viscous silicone oil at the center of the cell.

The surfaces are treated to alter their wettability, allowing us to study both drainage and imbibition regimes.

Viscous forces tend to destabilize the interfaces, whereas capillary forces play a stabilizing role; however, the disorder in the medium complicates this balance: 1) it leads to heterogeneities in the permeability field and capillary pressure distribution, and 2) it changes the effective wettability of the medium and leads to contact line pinning and hysteresis.

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